Is Bet9ja legal in USA? Can I bet with Bet9ja?

The online gambling site Bet9ja is popular in Nigeria. Can I bet with Bet9ja while I am in USA? As you know the laws for betting are strict in the USA. The betting company must meet strict license criteria. Each individual USA state can have the different requirements on gambling companies. Each of them can say if the gambling company is legal or not. Bet9ja is licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board and the state of Osun which ensures it is legal in Nigeria. You noticed, the license is valid for Nigeria, Africa. Bet9ja is not licensed in USA. US located persons should not bet with Bet9ja. Our recommendation is to bet with the licensed company, for example Bet365.

In Texas, for example, it is illegal to operate a casino for the purpose of betting money. But you can run gambling at non-monetary prices. The prize must be low. For example, a basket of vegetables.

On the other hand in New Jersey the gambling allowed. But the company must be licensed by the state. It means lottery, casino, poker, sports betting and others are OK. Plus NJ allowed the online gambling in 2013.

I am sure you now asking, how about Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada is famous casino city. Located close to the borders with California and Arizona. Mojave Desert is the gambling world.

Bet9ja gambling company alternatives in USA

MLB baseball, NFL American football, NHL hockey, NBA basketball and MLS - soccer, are very popular sports in the US. Logically, these sports bet most people. They track results and news every day. Therefore, for US bettors, the best betting agency that covers these sports perfectly.

Which are the most popular betting companies? It's Bovada, Intertops, 5Dimes. We must not forget one of the largest betting companies in the world, gambling company Bet365. Bet365 was awarded a betting license in 2018 /New Jersey/.

If you prefer betting on continental football, for example Premier League. Take a look at free football betting predictions on our website.

Back to Bet9ja, you have certainly heard about KC Gaming Networks Limited and Bet9ja. It is one and the same company that uses Bet9ja for betting activities. KC Gaming Networks is a merger of several investors who do business together.

United States: money in university sport, the untenable paradox

The corruption scandal that erupted Tuesday in basketball throws a harsh light on the dark practices of the prestigious world of American university sport, in permanent contradiction between the amateur status of the players and the billions it brews.

For many of the hugely popular college sports players, there is no doubt: the bribe affair which has already led to the arrest of ten people, agents and coaches, is just the tip of the iceberg.

"You're picking it up," New York Knicks winger Michael Beasley of Kansas State University Wednesday said in response to a question about the magnitude of the phenomenon.

"I personally know people who have been offered various benefits and money to persuade them to go to a university," added Kain Colter, a former top American football player at a university, adding that he did not have it, lived himself.

The investigation revealed Tuesday notably revealed the payment of sums of up to $ 150,000 to high school players and their families, a ploy ridden by agents, a senior manager of the equipment supplier Adidas and coaches.

"This has been a systemic problem in university sport for many years," said David Ridpath, a professor at the University of Ohio and an expert on the subject.

Amateur students, millionaire universities: Several scandals have already splashed bastions of university sport.

An investigation has revealed that four players from the University of Michigan basketball team, including star Chris Webber, had received, between 1988 and 1996, more than 600,000 dollars from a "booster", a character who gravitates in the shadow of university stadiums and sometimes puts his hand in his pocket.

Another university sports institution, the University of Southern California (USC), was heavily sanctioned in 2010: investigations had revealed that American football player Reggie Bush and basketball player OJ Mayo had notably received televisions, tickets plane and cash from agents.

The paradox is hardly tenable: on the one hand, student athletes whose costs are borne by the university but supposed to receive no income, on the other, a competition-show rooted in American culture that generates billions of dollars every year.

Thus, the latest broadcasting contract to date concerning university basketball links the supervisory body for university sport, the NCAA, to the television groups CBS and Turner until 2032, for 19.6 billion dollars over 22 years.

The University of Alabama, a four-time champion in the past eight years, generated $ 103 million in revenue in 2016 alone from its American football program.

At the University of Michigan, football team coach Jim Harbaugh earns $ 7 million a year.

The most regularly mentioned solution is to give up amateurism to allow players to receive their share of this gigantic cake.

Many are campaigning in this direction and justice has already been seized of the subject.

"Make a choice" - In 2015, an appeals court ruled that the NCAA and its member universities were indeed guilty of anti-competitive practices, acting de facto as a cartel.

But the following year, the United States Supreme Court refused to examine the file, preventing this jurisprudence from becoming unavoidable.

For David Ridpath, the only example comparable to that of American university sport is that of the Olympic Games, which have long excluded professional athletes, while the world of sport was radically changing.

"People said that if they gave up, they would no longer have any commercial interest," he said. "I think we see today how wrong the idea was."

"The players are already paid," through a scholarship that covers tuition and accommodation costs, said Kain Colter. "The subject is not to limit their income," says the man who co-founded the first union of university athletes (CAPA).

Many also point out that a large majority of the players concerned will not become high-level professionals after university, and are therefore deprived of their only opportunity to make a living from their sport.

"We can no longer keep trying to spare the two," amateurism and money, pleads David Ridpath. "We have to make a choice."

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