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Switzerland football predictions, goalscorers and fixtures

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Switzerland Super league

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Swiss football competitions

Football is the most popular sport in Switzerland. The Swiss Football Association was founded in 1895 and in 1904 was a founding member of the international FIFA governing body of sport. The Swiss cities of Zurich and Nyon are home to FIFA and the European umbrella association. The country hosted the 1954 World Cup and the 2008 European Championship.

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Switzerland has a comprehensive league system, with the Swiss Super League being the most important male competition in the country. There are also several cup competitions, in particular the national Swiss Cup.

With a very young squad, the Swiss national team took part in the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany and narrowly missed Ukraine on penalties. Switzerland, together with Austria, hosted the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament. They did not make it to the preliminary round, although they recorded a victory against Portugal. Portugal played their B-squad in this game as they secured the division. The best international result was probably 1954, when Switzerland reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup as host. They also reached the World Cup quarter-finals in 1934 and 1938.

Swiss football competitions

Swiss Super League: is the first league of Swiss football. It was founded in 1897 and consists of 10 clubs. The five teams with the most titles were Grasshopper Zurich, FC Basel, Servette FC from Geneva, FC Zurich and BSC Young Boys from Bern.

Swiss Challenge League: is the second league in the Swiss league system. It consists of 10 clubs, of which the champion rises directly into the Super League and the second plays the rise playoffs with ninth place in the Super League.

Swiss Promotion League: is the third league in the Swiss league system. There are 16 teams. The champion rises directly to challenge the league. The last two teams descend.

1. League: is the fourth league in the Swiss league system. The number of clubs is 48 teams, which are always divided into three groups.

2nd League Interregional: is the fifth league in the league system of Switzerland. The number of clubs is 84 teams, divided into six groups.

2nd league: is the sixth league in the Swiss league system. The number of clubs is 215 teams, divided into 17 groups.

3rd league

4th League

5th league

Swiss Cup: is the national cup of Swiss football organized by the Swiss Football Federation and whose champion has access to the UEFA Europa League.


Coppa delle Alpi

National League A, the top women's league

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