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For Nigerian bettors, and for all bettors in Africa, Bet9ja Nigeria brings premium football tips and predictions.

Free football tips are available 24 hours a day, online and every day. Bet9ja Nigeria also offers paid betting tips. Premium betting tips are available to everyone who accept the terms and conditions. If you are wondering what, how and under what conditions you can get paid football tips. Read on.

If you do not want to pay for betting tips, we recommend you to subscribe to the newsletter. You will get regular links to interesting articles and analyzes of football matches or football videos.

What do you get when you subscribe to paid football tips?
Every Wednesday we send you premium football betting tips to your email.

What football competitions do we watch?
Mainly European football competitions. For its football quality and enough latest information about football teams.

What is the price of paid football tips?
The price is 7 USD monthly. This means that you will receive email every Wednesday with premium football betting tips.

How to get a paid football betting tip?
Subscribe to the link. Select football tips in the menu. We will then send you instructions. Payment is required through the Paypal system. No other payment option is available. Attention. We will send the email with betting tips to the email with which you subscribe.

Which nigerian betting site is the best?
It is not easy which betting company operating in Nigeria is the best. You can search for the best odds. Or look for the widest range of sports opportunities. Or search for the best odds on your favorite sport. Do you prefer poker? Or the casino? Then you choose according to the available casino games.
Is it worth paying for betting tips?


How do you always win on live betting?
You can't just win. There is a risk of losing every type of bet. Therefore, never bet money that you will miss. Always bet as much as you are willing to lose !!!

Can betting make you rich?
Betting will not make you rich. Dot. You can win. You can get money. But if you want to be rich, don't rely on betting. Prefer education and work.

We bring football tips from Europe, Africa and Asia. From the most famous English competitions such as the premier league, championship to League1. Betting tips on the German Bundesliga or Serie A Italy. There are also football tips from the French, Polish, Portuguese and even Russian football competitions. Choose your favorite football competition and get inspired.

What is the difference between free betting tips and paid football tips?

Free football tips are evaluated by a computer system. Based on the latest results of individual teams. Based on statistical data.

Paid betting tips are checked and reviewed by a football expert. Paid football tips reflect the latest information about individual teams. Injuries to players, probable lineup. Player transfers or hosting agreements where a player may not compete against his team. The nomination of the team's key players is crucial. Shooter, goalkeepers or creative midfielders. The schedule of matches cannot be overlooked either. A team that plays more than one match in a short period of time must rotate the players. This will be reflected in the performance of the team. Bet9ja Nigeria takes into account not only these but also other influences.

However, it is absolutely crucial to choose the right match. The right betting tip means a sufficiently high odds against the risk of the result of the match. It is irrelevant to bet on low odds football matches in well-known football leagues.

On the contrary, lesser-known football leagues can bring interesting prizes for bettors. Higher rates. But without knowledge of the league, it brings more risks.

It is always necessary to assess the odds and risk of the match.

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