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Hugo Sánchez was named the best CONCACAF player of the 20th century

Mexico's most popular sport is football (called fútbol in Mexico). As of 2018, League MX for Men and League MX Femenil for Women are the top leagues.

Football became a professional male sport in 1943. Since then, América's 13 Clausura titles, Guadalajara's 12, Toluca's 10 and Cruz Azul's 8 were the most successful men's clubs in Mexico. The first professional women's football league was held in the 2017/18 season in the MX Femenil League. It set new world records for participation in a professional women's football game.

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Antonio Carbajal became the first player to participate in five world championships, and Hugo Sánchez was named the best CONCACAF player of the 20th century by the IFFHS. The stadiums with the largest capacity in Mexico are the Estadio Azteca, the Estadio Olímpico Universitario and the Estadio Jalisco. In 2006, there were an estimated more than 324,000 registered players and 8,155,000 unregistered players.

The men's football has been professionally played in Mexico since the beginning of the 20th century and by the club C.F. Pachuca. The first women's professional football league, the MX Femenil league, was announced in December 2016 and the opening season started the following year. The development of women's football has increased rapidly since the 1950s.

Since 1996, the country has played two separate seasons (Apertura and Clausura) instead of a traditional long season. This system is common throughout Latin America. There are two separate playoff and league divisions. After many years the designation of the regular seasons as "Verano" (summer) and "Invierno" (winter); Liga MX (historically, Primera División de México, Mexican First League Division) changed the name of the competition and opted for a traditional name of Apertura and Clausura (opening and closing). The Apertura division begins in the middle of summer in Mexico and ends before the official start of winter. The Clausura Division starts in the new year and ends in the spring season.

Mexican men's football has four clubs in the following order: Liga MX, Ascenso MX, Segunda División de México and Tercera División de México. Ascent and descent are used by the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) to promote a lower-ranked club into a competition of equal quality, the overall percentage of which is in a higher competitive range. They replace the club that is downgraded to the next lower level (descent) based on its total number. Promotion and relationship take place after the end of the Clausura season.

Mexico's most successful men's clubs have been América with 13 Clausura championships, Guadalajara with 12, Toluca 10 and Cruz Azul 8. Since May 2018, Guadalajara (commonly known as Chivas) and Tigres are the most successful clubs on the women's side. Win a championship during the opening season the league MX Femenil. Both championship games set a new world record with 32,466 spectators at the Apertura final and 51,211 spectators at the Closura final.

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