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Around 1955, football clubs began to perform in Vilnius

Football is a popular sport in Lithuania. The former Soviet republic entered 1992 as an independent football nation. In the European Championship qualifier in 2004, Lithuania prevailed with a 1-1 draw in Germany against Scotland. In qualifying for the 2008 European Championship, they played away against the 2006 World Cup winner, Italy, and separated 1-1. They defeated Romania 3-0 in Lithuania.

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In 1922 began in Lithuania and Poland football championships. Then in the suburb of Piromontas at the site of the future stadium Žalgiris there was a playground and benches for the spectators. In about 1933-1935. Town dwellers made dams, and benches were set up on the eastern platform. The central grandstand looked just like the modern one.

On July 23, 1953, the first competitions took place in the erected stadium Žalgiris (the so-called "youth stadium" in Vilnius near the future building Seimas). Vilnius played "Spartacus" and "Dzerzhinets" Chelyabinsk, Vilnius won a historic victory with 10: 2.

Around 1955, football clubs began to perform in Vilnius. The stadium gave "Spartacus". However, the companies were rather weak, so that in 1962 it was decided to unite "Spartacus" and "Žalgiris", so the modern team Žalgiris appeared.

The highest men's football league - A League, founded in 1991, since 2004, is called NFKA A League. Fellow clubs play within the League LFF I which played 12 teams in the 2007 season. The following LFF II league consists of two zones - South and West (southern, western and northern zones in 2006, southern and northern zones in 2007). The II. League Competition is organized by Kaunas (South Zone) and Klaipėda (West Zone). The LFF III league games are organized by 10 regional football associations. The LFF IV (SFL) League is organized by the SFL board.

At the end of the season, the A-League winners will be awarded the LFF Championship Cup and the temporary LFF Champions Cup, which qualify to represent Lithuania in the UEFA Champions League and Commonwealth tournaments. The last place in the A-League wins the team in the I-League. 2008 The first two places in the First League Championship win the title in 2009. Match for Championship A To 2007 On the second and last place in league A and in second place in the first league teams denied two interconnected games, for which the first game was played The league team has won the right to play in the A-League. Since 2008, the number of participants was reduced to 8 clubs, no transitional competition is provided.

The last two places at the end of the second league at the end of the season fall into the minor league, they are replaced by the winner of the 2nd league. The teams of the last two places of the II. League in both zones fall into the III. League, and the winners of the III. League Championship play in two selection stages for the right to play in the II League.

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