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Japan J2 football league predictions,goalscorers, table and fixtures

Japan J2 league

Tokyo Verdy v Shimizu S-Pulse

Result prediction draw
Over/Under predictionover 2.5 goals
HT / FT predictionShimizu S-Pulse / draw
Team to Score predictionboth teams
Anytime Goalscorer predictionH. Nakahara(Tokyo Verdy)
K. Nakayama(Shimizu S-Pulse)

J2 is the second division of the Japan Professional Football

The J2 League or simply J2 is the second division of the Japan Professional Football League and the second level of the Japanese football league system. The top tier is represented by the J1 League. It (along with the rest of J.League) is currently sponsored by Meiji Yasuda Life and is therefore officially known as Meiji Yasuda J2 League. Until the 2014 season, it was called J.League Division 2.

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In Japan since 1972 there is a second-rate club football. However, it was professionalized only during the 1999 season with ten clubs. The league consisted of a relegation club from the top division and nine clubs from the former Japanese semi-professional football league in the second division to found the J2 League. The remaining seven clubs of the Japanese football league, the newly founded Yokohama FC and a promotion club from the regional leagues, formed the Japanese football league with nine clubs, then the third league of Japanese football. The third tier is now represented by the J3 League.

When the league reached 22 clubs, two new regulations were introduced. Only the two best clubs are promoted automatically, while the clubs took third place to third place in the playoffs for the last third place of promotion, for example in the English football league, Serie B or the Segunda DivisiĆ³n. However, the rules will be highly inclined to favor those with higher league rankings:

The third-place team is in sixth place and the fourth-place team is in fifth place, as in the European leagues. However, in contrast to these leagues, the round will only be a game at home with the higher ranked team.

The winners of the two matches will face the home team of the higher ranked team or possibly a neutral spot (probably the Tokyo National Stadium). The winner of this game will be promoted to J1.

In all games, in case of a draw after the regular time, the team that finished the season with the higher ranking in the table will be the winner, so there will be no extra time and / or no penalty shootout.

Teams out of the sixth rank may not participate in the playoffs. Instead, the highest ranked teams get bye. Also from 2012, at most two clubs can be relegated to the lower league (only for the 2012 season Japan Football League, from 2013 J3 League), depending on how this league was ended.

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