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Guatemala football predictions, fixtures and goalscorers

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Guetamala liga nacional

Guatemala football is run by the Federación Nacional de Fútbol de Guatemala

Football is the most popular sport in Guatemala and is run by the Federación Nacional de Fútbol de Guatemala. The association manages the national football team and the Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Guatemala.

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The first associations of the country were founded in the capital Guatemala City, where at the beginning of the 20th century, a second football club with the Olympic FC was founded. These two teams competed in the first Copa Centroamericana competition between August 28 and October 30, 1904, and were only conceded between these two teams, which competed ten times. With six wins and a draw against three defeats, the younger Olympia FC won this first game. The second competition took place between October 1905 and February 19066 and was held by a total of three teams. The Olympian FC prevailed again, but the Guatemalan FC "defended" second place in front of the newly added team of Gay SC. After that, further tournaments were held from 1911 under the new name Copa Manuel Estrada Cabrera. The first tournament won the Gay SC, but in 1913 and 1914 Guatemala FC finally entered the list of winners

Football soon reached the country's second largest city, Quetzaltenango, where Quetzaltenango FC was founded in May 1906.

Already in 1919, the Liga Capitalina was launched and won the first Campeonato Nacional, which was won by FC Hércules

With the establishment of the Campeonato de Liga for the season 1942/43, the professional football was introduced in Guatemala. Since then, the nation's football has been dominated by Guatemala City's two big rivals, CSD Comunicaciones and CSD Municipal, who have won the championship 59 times (until the end of the 2015/16 season, Comunicaciones has been successful 30 times, Municipal 29 times ). In third place is far behind living in the capital Aurora FC, who was a total of eight times masters between 1964 and 1992/93. Best team outside the capital is with five titles the Club Xelajú MC from the second largest city in the country, Quetzaltenango.

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