Greece third league table, goalscorers and fixtures

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Football League is the third highest professional football league in Greece

The Football League is the third highest professional football league in Greece and a feeder league for second-rate Super League 2.

As the second stage of the Greek football league system, the Beta Ethniki was officially founded in the fall of 1962 and replaced the informal Greek FCA championship winner, who had tried at this time various experimental formats for the establishment of a second national football division. All participating clubs had to deregister from the championships of their local football clubs in order to be eligible.

In the early years, the competitive format was changed frequently each season. The competition was originally held in four groups of 14 clubs each, until 1968/69 the competition was reformatted into two groups. In the following six years (1969-70 to 1974-75) the competition was held with three groups, while the league from 1975-76 to 1982-83 again in two groups, North and South, was discharged. In the fall of 1983, a single Panhellenic league table was created, a format that was used continuously until the 2012/13 season. As football became professional in Greece, the Greek Football Federation handed over responsibility for the organization of the competition to the Greek Federation of Professional Football Associations (Greek: ΕΠΑΕ). In 2006, the Professional Football Federation of the Second and Third National Divisions (Greek: ΕΕΠ Β & Ε Εθνικής) was founded, which replaced the Greek professional football club as government agency of the second and third National Division.

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In August 2010, the division's governing body decided to change its own and designate the competition for the Football League. The competition was held as a Second National Division until 2019, when the Greek football league system was restructured and the Super League 2 was established as a new feeder league for the Super League.

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