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England national football team represents England in the international championship

The England national football team represents England in the international championship for men and is controlled by the Football Association, the governing organization for football in England. It competes in three major international tournaments; FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championship and UEFA Nations League. England, as a country in the United Kingdom, is not a member of the International Olympic Committee, and therefore the national team does not participate in the Olympic Games.

England is one of the two oldest national football teams, along with Scotland, which they played in the world's first international football match in 1872. England's homeland is Wembley Stadium in London, and their headquarters are located in St. George's Park in Burton-on-Trent. The team manager is Gareth Southgate. Although part of England, the representative side of England plays in major professional tournaments, but not in the Olympic Games.

Since the first participation in the tournament in 1950, England has qualified for the World Cup 15 times. They won the 1966 World Cup when they hosted the finals, and finished fourth in 1990 and 2018. Since its first entry in 1964, England has never won the UEFA European Championships, and their best performances are third place in 1968 and 1996, the latter as hosts.

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The English national football team is the oldest in the world. He was educated at the same time as Scotland. A representative match between England and Scotland was organized on 5 March 1870 by the Football Association. The second leg was organized on 30 November 1872 by representatives of the Scottish football teams. Held at Hamilton Crescent Stadium in Scotland, this game is considered the first official international football match because the two teams were selected and played independently, rather than the work of a football association. For the next 40 years, England played exclusively with three other nations in the nation - Scotland, Wales and Ireland - in the British home championship.

Initially there was no permanent home stadium in England. They joined FIFA in 1906 and played in 1908 on a tour of Central Europe their first games against non-native nations. The Wembley Stadium opened in 1923 and became their home ground. Relations between England and FIFA were strained and this led to her leaving FIFA in 1928 before returning in 1946. As a result, they did not participate until 1950 in the World Cup, where they won 1-1. 0 defeat to the US, the first round failed in one of the most embarrassing defeats in team history.

Their first defeat at home to a foreign team was a 2-0 defeat for the Republic of Ireland on September 21, 1949 at Goodison Park. The loss of 6-3 in 1953 to Hungary was her second loss to the foreign team at Wembley. In the second leg in Budapest Hungary won 7-1. This is England's biggest defeat in history. After the game, the baffled Sid Owen said, "It was like playing with people from space." At the World Cup 1954 England reached the quarter-finals for the first time and lost to the current Uruguayan champions with 4: 2.

England's traditional home colors are white shirts, dark blue shorts and white or black socks. The team has regularly worn a completely white kit.

Although England's first away jerseys were blue, England's traditional away shirts are red shirts, white shorts and red socks. In 1996, England's away shirt was changed to gray shirts, shorts and socks. This jersey was worn only three times, including Germany in the semifinals of the 1996 European Championship, but the deviation from the traditional red was unpopular with the supporters and the England away shirt remained red until 2011, when a Navy blue away jersey was introduced. The away jersey is sometimes also worn at home games when a new issue has been released to promote it.

England occasionally had a third kit. At the 1970 World Cup England wore a third jersey with light blue shirts, shorts and socks against Czechoslovakia. They had Brazilian gear with yellow shirts, yellow socks, and blue shorts they wore in the summer of 1973. For the 1986 World Cup, England had a third light blue gear that mimicked the light-blue third kits worn in Mexico 16 years ago until 1992, but they were rarely used.

Umbro first agreed to make the kit in 1954 and since then has supplied most of the kits, with the exception of Bukta (1959-1965) and Admiral (1974-1984). Nike bought Umbro in 2008 and took over the role of supplier in 2013 following the sale of the Umbro brand.

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