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  • 05-05-2020
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Win the Bet9ja game like a legend.

Work tips Bet9ja: Do you like sport? Are you interested in the game? Do you want to learn to play bet9ja and win big? Then this article is exactly what you need. I will provide you with the steps on how to play bet9ja and some tips on how to win.

Bet9ja work tips
What is bet9ja? Well, it is currently the most popular betting platform in Nigeria. Bet9ja offers a variety of sports that you can place your bet on. They include football, boxing, basketball, tennis, cycling, dog racing, etc.

Recently they added virtual sports. The results of games scheduled in virtual sports are highlighted by programmed computer systems that look real, allowing people to place a bet and win.

Bet9ja also allows you to place bets online without having to go to the stores. You can access their website via phone or PC with Internet service.

How to play Bet9ja

You can bet on bet9ja online or offline.

How to place a bet on Bet9ja Online

To play bet9ja online, you need to create a bet9ja account. To create the account, go to www.bet9ja.com, click on "Register" in the upper right corner, fill in the registration form and click to continue. You will receive a confirmation email allowing you to log into the website with your login information.

There are three ways to bet on bet9ja online, here is the first method:

1. Choose your sport in the left menu.

2. Choose your tournament (s) and click on View. Select the events you want to bet on and choose your odds.

3. Your choices will be automatically added to your betting slip.

4. Complete the Amount section, click on Bet, then confirm your bet by clicking on OK. If all goes well, you will see a confirmation message with your bet ID.

You can also use the event name:

1. Find your desired event and click on it. Let's say it's a match between Aston Villa and Chelsea. If you click on the name Aston Villa - Chelsea, a new window will open with all the markets available for this event.


2. If you need an index on one of the available markets, just click on the "i" button to read their description. Then choose your desired rating to automatically add them to your coupon.

3. All you have to do is fill in the Amount section and click on Bet to confirm it.

You can also use the Betting Market tabs:

1. Select your sport in the left menu, choose the tournament and click on Watch.

2. At the top of the page, you will see different tabs containing different markets. Browse the tabs and find the markets you want to bet on.

3. Once you have found your desired market, click on the odds of your choice to place a bet.

4. Complete the Amount section and confirm your bet by clicking on Bet.

How to place a bet on Bet9ja Offline
This method does not require you to register. All you need to do is choose what you want to place your bet on, click "Bet" and you will receive your reservation number which you can print or email.

After that go to any bet9ja store, show confirmation of your reserved bet and make your payment to place the bet. Note that bet9ja odds may change, so your bet will use the relevant odds during payment.

Tips to win big on Bet9ja

here are some tips to help you win big on bet9ja:

1. Choose better odds instead of too many games
If you have to win every time in bet9ja, limit the number of games you choose. In fact, it is advisable to choose at least 10 games with good odds. When you choose 30 games, it is entirely possible that 1, 2, or even more, will cut the game.

2. Check the team statistics before playing
It's another way to win at bet9ja. Do not choose any game because it has a low odd, do very good research before placing your bet. Check the last games played by the teams you want to choose. Study the stats very well before playing.

3. Don't be too greedy
To win bet9ja, you shouldn't be too greedy. If you place a bet with N100 and expect to win N20m, it would be very difficult to win. You may win with such an issue, but you may also not. So to be on the safe side, keep your greed aside if you are ready to win.

4. Play running tickets if you have to choose multiple games
If you like a long ticket, it is advisable to play a regular ticket. By running a ticket, I mean you have to play tickets that last for several days or weeks. This will allow you to select certain games.

5. Bet on goals
It is sometimes very prudent to bet on goals, i.e. GG, 1, 2,3, the two teams to score, the two teams to score two goals, one goal, etc.

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