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0 The unexpected ranking of the world's football clubs with the most financial power

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  • 07-11-2020
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Real Madrid are the current European and world champions in the club arena, while Barcelona has been the team that marked an era since the debut of Argentine Lionel Messi in 2004.

But neither of the two giants of Spanish football lead the ranking of the clubs with the most financial power in the world, as determined by the firm Soccerex, a company specialized in football business.

The most surprising thing is that they are not on the podium either and in the case of the Catalan club they are not even among the top 10 despite being two of the three richest clubs in the world in the last decade.
The other, Manchester United, also does not figure prominently on the list that is dominated by its city rival and current undisputed Premier League leader Manchester City.
"The high investment potential of its owners is complemented by a strong performance in the other variables."

The ranking is based on the Football Finance Index (FFI), which is calculated taking into account five variables: gambling and fixed assets, money in the bank, a potential purchase investment and net debt.

Other surprises include Arsenal's second location and Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande's fourth.

The canyoning team, one of the most questioned clubs in England due to its lack of Premier League titles in more than 10 years and which coincides with its first absence from the Champions League in two decades, has a fixed asset close to US $ 1,000 million, more than any club in the world, thanks to their move from Highbury to Emirates Stadium.

According to the report, it is only surpassed by Manchester United in terms of money in the bank, while it has the least debt, of about US $ 10 million.

"Its place reflects professionalism and its well-known business model. Its financial power means that Arsenal can invest significantly if directors decide to change strategy," the study concluded.

The Chinese club, for its part, is driven by the great wealth of its owners, Evergrande and Alibaba, although it also shows the enormous potential of Chinese football.

The Asian giant has nine clubs in the top 100, more than France, Germany and Italy and the same number as Spain.

The other reality
The two giants of Spanish football are hurt by the ownership structure of the clubs, which belong to their partners and block the possibility of a large investor.


However, the study highlights that in a hypothetical case in which Real Madrid is capitalized through the stock market, there is no doubt that its financial power would multiply and could catapult it to the top of the ranking.

Something that is far from the reach of any Latin American club.

The first to appear on the list is the América de México in 40th place, three ahead of its archrival, the Chivas de Guadalajara, and Monterrey, which ranks 47th.

Brazil is the one with the most representatives from the region with 12 clubs, although the first on the list just appears in 62nd place: Atlético Paranaense.

The greats of Argentine soccer, Boca Juniors and River Plate, present similar cases, while there are no clubs from other countries on the list.

For the report, the problem is "the economic instability that is reflected in their positions."


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