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0 The German Bundesliga will start on Saturday, May 16

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  • 07-05-2020
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The first and second German Bundesliga will start again next Saturday, May 16, after a break caused by the new coronavirus pandemic. Today, a general meeting of 36 clubs in both top competitions was approved by video conference. This was announced at a press conference by Christian Seifert, CEO of the DFL, which organizes the first and second leagues. According to him, both competitions will be completed by the end of June.

The DFL announced on Wednesday that the resumed Bundesliga would begin on Friday, May 15, with a traditional Friday overture. However, the start date of the competition was eventually postponed due to the fact that the German government approved again to play matches without spectators until the second half of May.

After a break caused by the pandemic, the German league will start again as the first football competition in Europe. The league will start in the Faroe Islands this weekend, but the competition there will start a new year. The last Bundesliga match so far was played on March 11. The table after the incomplete 25 of 34 rounds is led by the defending champion Bayern Munich by four points ahead of the second Dortmund.

The renewed season will start on May 16 with six Saturday matches, two duels including the duel between Union Berlin and Bayern will be played on Sunday and the round will end with Monday's overtime between Bremen with Czech legionnaires Theodor Gebre Selassie and Jiří Pavlenka and Leverkusen.

"The interest in getting started is huge worldwide. I see reports from around the world that we are the first major league to return. This can only happen because we have the privilege of living in one of the most modern health systems in the world," Seifert said.

According to him, the German league will be able to finish by June 30, when the season and a number of contracts not only for players but also for sponsors will officially end. Most other competitions anticipate that the year will have to last until July, which has allowed the European Championship to be postponed by one year until next summer.

Seifert pointed out that more than 100 player contracts will expire in Germany on June 30. "The last round will take place at the end of June, probably on the weekend of June 27 or 28. Another delay in the season could have existential consequences for some clubs," Seifert warned.

Individual teams will have to go to the weekly quarantine before the renewed start within the training camp. Representatives of Bayern have already announced that the Bavarian team will begin quarantine on Saturday. Players and members of the implementation teams will receive regular testing for coronavirus, to which all referees will submit.

All matches at least until the end of this season will be played without spectators. But Seifert is not afraid that fans will gather in front of the stadiums. "I don't think the fans will want to do a favor to the critics and walk in front of the stadiums," Seifert said.

"Of course everything will be different. Right after the first match, we will all know why we prefer to fight with the fans. But now we have nothing else left and I expect the best possible sports experience as part of it," he added.

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