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  • 11-05-2020
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I never talked about it. The Czech football player revealed hitherto secret problems in the Premier League

He is one of the best football goalkeepers in the history of the English Premier League, in which he lost his life at one point in his career. However, few people know that even before the well-known incident, in which he suffered a skull fracture, former goalkeeper Petr Čech solved other serious health problems. Among other things, he talked about them in an extensive interview for the Chelsea website, where he also revealed other interesting information about his career.

A collision with the leg of Reading footballer Stephen Hunt during the match on October 14, 2006 changed his life. The cracked skull had to be reinforced by doctors with two metal plates. Not only his further career was in danger, but also his return to normal life. He finally returned to the goal at the highest level, albeit with a permanent head decoration in the form of the famous rugby helmet.

The incident has been discussed in detail several times. But what preceded him was not.

"It's one thing I've never talked about before and people didn't know about it at the time. During my first season in Chelsea, I broke a joint cap in my shoulder. But I kept catching up with it and finished the season, "recalls Čech.

"It simply came to our notice then. But that didn't happen in the end. During the second season, I already had big problems with my shoulder and I had to protect it. In addition, the same problem happened to me with the other arm. So I actually completed the second season in England with broken shoulders, "he revealed his troubles.

"I tried to alleviate the pain during the matches and look for ways to train properly so that I wouldn't have to suffer all day. The pain was hard to avoid. I thought I would have surgery during the season, but I didn't want to risk losing the World Cup in Germany. Nobody knew how long it would take me to return, "he described his dilemma at the time.

"To my relief, I decided to go to surgery after the World Cup. I recovered quickly from it and was finally able to enjoy the matches without pain. But after a few matches, Reading came, "he recalled a key moment in his life.

Even from a nasty head injury, however, he eventually recovered and later celebrated a triumph in the Champions League with Chelsea.

Although he often competed against Lionel Messi or Cristian Ronald during his career, considered the best footballers in the world in recent years, he himself felt in the greatest danger in the face of another fighter.

"Wayne Rooney. Every time we played against Manchester United and he had the ball, I had to constantly make sure that I was fully prepared, because he was completely unpredictable and very smart. He can attack, fight, run and shoot smart. He can score from the bisector, he can throw you if you run too far. These were the challenges I enjoyed, "he recalled of the big juice.

Although the Czech became a football legend in Chelsea, he also encountered an unpleasant moment when a younger colleague pushed him out of the gate and he finally decided to leave the club of his heart.

Chelsea's leadership bet on the promising youth represented at the time by Thibault Courtois, a returnee from a visit to Atletico Madrid.

"I was not happy at all. In the preparation, I worked hard to maintain the position of number one, there was no indication that I was not ready for it. But only one can always enter the gate. With its potential and quality, Thibaut was considered the future of the club. I understood that decision, even though I didn't think my time would be up, "he returns to the awkward period.

This eventually culminated in his departure for Arsenal, the Archdeacon of London: After all the years I played there, I became part of the history of the club. I thought I was going to end my career at Chelsea. "

After four years of anabasis at Arsenal, he eventually returned to Stamford Bridge, but this time in a managerial role.

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