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0 Change of football rules in England?

  • by Administrator
  • 05-05-2020
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Will it change the rules in England? Let's shorten the halves, says the head of the players' association

In England, they intensively discuss under what conditions and when to start football competitions again. A representative of the local players' association, Gordon Taylor, often discusses with Premier League stars who are concerned about safety. And among other things, it addresses possible changes to the rules. Bet9ja, 9jaBet and all sports bookmakers watching closely the situation.

Taylor, CEO of the Professional Players' Association, was a guest on BBC Radio 4. "Footballers are not stupid," he said on the very hot topic of relaunching. "They want to be confirmed that their safety is ensured. They need to feel good in the matches. "

This is also what club doctors in the country are currently dealing with. How (un) safe can the return of football in England actually be?

According to optimistic estimates, the Premier League could start again on June 8. 92 matches of it remain to be played and it is necessary to make it by the end of July, as the qualifications of the European cups are to start in August.

A very demanding period awaits footballers, a condensed schedule. Taylor argues that they need to be protected as much as possible.

"We do not see into the future, which does not mean that we cannot come up with ideas. The option is to allow more substitutions, the option is also to play shorter halves. Of course, there is talk of neutral pitches, "said Taylor.

"At the same time, of course, you want to maintain the integrity of the competition, which was about home and away matches, with the players you had available before it was interrupted ... It's a complicated process," he continued.

The English are gradually opening training centers, but the players are not yet training together. In order to fulfill the plan with June 8, they would need to start preparing again as a team from mid-May.

"We are still debating various options. Some may be reachable, others may not. If we don't try, we won't find out, "Taylor said. BBC reporters addressed representatives of the Premier League, according to which the variant with a shortening of the 45-minute halves is not on the table.

On the contrary, Rick Parry, the head of the Football League, which covers the other three lower levels of English football, said that "he will not rule out any creative ideas and suggestions."

Thus, it is indeed possible that English football will make minor adjustments due to the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus.

"But the most important thing is that together we find the answer to the question: can the season be completed safely?" Taylor added.

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