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  • 16-11-2020
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The most complete Glossary of Betting can be found in this Betting Guide on the bet 9ja blog. More than 150 sports betting terms described that will answer all your questions and that will make you an expert in the world of betting. Do you know what a 0 Handicap is? Do you want to know what Asian handicap means? And an Each-Way Bet? In how many types of formats can a quota be represented? What does System Bet mean?

The best and most complete betting dictionary in English is available for you to use anytime you want. Solve all your doubts related to the sports betting markets on the bet 9ja blog.


All in
Bet where you play all your available funds. Very common in poker when you put all your chips into play.

Before post
Place an advance bet in a market in which a number of participants is previously known that may exceed the number that will eventually compete in the event (for example, horse racing). If your selection does not participate, the bet is declared lost.

As its name suggests, it is a technique contrary to the Martingale. Also known as the Paroli system, it consists of making a series of bets accumulating the profit generated. Recommended for bets at low odds where we have a very high hit record.

Person who makes one or more sports bets in a certain market.

Accumulated Bet
Sequence of two or more different sporting events (up to a maximum of 20 on bet) that make up a single bet. It is also commonly called combined.

Early Bet
Long-term bet that is typically associated with a team or player's finishing position in a given competition (for example, placing a bet on the 2020 NBA champion).

Combination bet
Bet on which two or more events are chained within one or more markets. To get it right, each and every one of the predictions selected in the combined must be hit.

Each-way bet
In Spanish it is known as "Winner-Placed". It consists of two bets within the same selection. The first to "Winner" and the second to "Positions" (usually given in horse, greyhound, motor, cycling or athletics bets. Part of the bet goes to "Winner" and another to, for example, that your selection be "in the top three").

Free Bet
The Free Bet or Free Bet is one that has to be converted into real money in order to be withdrawn as profit. If the Free Bet is successful, you will only be paid the winnings derived from that bet.

Live bet. (Live Bet)
Bet that is made when the sporting event is in play.

Multiple bet
It is the way in which you will find within bet what is called "System Bet" (they are synonyms).

Void bet
Bet where the bookmaker returns the amount played by the bettor. It is also known as void.

Pre-match bet (prematch)
Bet that is placed before the event starts. Once the game starts, the bet becomes Live (or direct).

Simple Bet
Bet made in a single sports betting market and in which a single event is played for or against a single event.

No tie bet
Type of bet where you can only bet on the victory of one team. In the event that the match ends in a tie, the bet would be void and the amount would be returned.

System Bet
It is a type of bet where three or more selections are combined. Unlike the usual combinations, in system bets you do not have to hit 100% of the events in your bet in order to win.

VIP bet
It is a type of special bet whose amount exceeds the maximum bet for a specific selection. See our rules on VIP Betting.

Cross bets
Also trade calls, are the bets made against other bettors and not against the bookmaker. It allows you to place a bet for or against an event and the operator charges a small commission for each operation.

Equivalent bets
They are the bets with different nomenclature and same meaning.

Exchange bets
Synonymous with crossed bets.

Arbitration. Arbing in Gambling
It consists of obtaining an assured profit based on the fluctuation of the odds in different bookmakers.

Bet on something. The opposite is to do a «Lay» (or layear)

Bad beat
Bad streak or interval of time with more failures than the average.

Bank. Bankroll
The money you have to bet on. Do not confuse with your money available for other purposes, but what you have allocated to play.

A selection in which you have a lot of confidence and you add it to another forecast to increase the quota. It does not mean that the bet is going to be correct, since sometimes what fails is precisely the banker.

Incentive given to a user to bet. It can be a Welcome Bonus or another type of reload bonus, for loyalty, some special promotion, etc.

Bookie. Bookmaker
Anglo-Saxon term that refers to «betting house».

Multiple bet that includes 26 bets as a result of all possible combinations of five chosen predictions. It is synonymous with Super Yankee.

Set house
Bookmaker that in sports such as tennis or others (mainly racket) values ​​bets as won or lost if the first set ends.

❗ bet is a set house.

Knitted house
A point house values ​​the bet as won or lost once the match is in play.

Balance available at the bookmaker.

Money that returns to the player in the form of a balance or Free Bet. Normally a% of the amount played is returned if the user reaches a certain level.

Cashout. Cash-out. Cash out
Money that you receive once you close your bet in advance. The cashout functionality consists precisely in being able to close your bet before the event ends.

Option of a betting market that is considered the most likely to win. It is the most probable price according to the implicit probability of the quotas.

Chalk player
Gambler who bets mostly in favor of favorite players or teams.

Place a bet contrary to the one initially taken in order to minimize risk or ensure a profit.

See «Bet each-way». In horse racing, cycling or motorsports, the place is the one that finishes in the top three (podium) within your "Win-Place" bet.

Bookmaker commission
It is the margin that the house remains. Also called overround, it consists of a small percentage that the operator keeps in each operation. One of the strengths of bet is precisely the low margin that translates into very competitive odds.

Value or quotation that a bookmaker gives to a market. The fee reflects the price paid per bet unit. The value of the quota is translated into what is returned to the user in case of winning the bet and is the differential value of bet (better odds, more profits).

Odds can be represented in decimal, fractional or American form.

Average fee
It is the reflection of the average price taken in the total bets per unit of time. For example, to know the average quota taken in a month, it would be necessary to make an average of the quotas referring to all the bets made in that month.

Minimum fee
A tipster can set the minimum odds above which they consider to be valuable.

Closing fee
The final fee just at the time the event takes place.

Exit fee
The first quota that the odds makers put on the market.

Dead heat
Similar to the «photo finish» it indicates a tie between two or more participants within a race or competition.

Entry of an amount of money to be able to place bets.

Double chance
Type of bet that generally covers two out of three possible outcomes. For example, a "1X" in a soccer game.

Abbreviation for "underdog". It consists of betting on the underdog clearing.

The drawdown in betting marks the difference between the highest win and highest loss per unit of time. Knowing the Drawdown you can control the risk in your betting strategy.

Draw No Bet (DNB)
It contemplates the return of the full amount of the bet if a condition is met. The most common is to bet on the winner of a match knowing that, in the event of a tie, your bet is void. See more here.

Also called "Invalid bet" or "Handicap 0"

Technique that in the betting world tries to divide an amount of money between several options within the same event. The objective is to cover an important part of the events and obtain the same profit if one of the bets manages to win.

See Each-way Bet or «Winner-Placed»

Early bet
Bet made when the odds have just come out at the bookmaker. Some bettors wait for the exit fee to detect potential market inefficiencies.

Draw invalid bet
Synonymous with the handicap 0 or the Draw No Bet, it is a bet that not only contemplates the success or failure, but also the return of the bet in case the marked line is matched.

Mathematical hope
It is the same as the expected value. In the betting world, the term "value bet" or odds with "value" is widely used. If a share is above the real value, we will say that it has value or that the mathematical expectation is positive.

Value = (odds *% probability) / 100. If it is greater than 1, it has value (positive mathematical expectation)

Even bet or odds 2.00.

The amount of money wagered.

A fold bet is a complete combination of multiple bets within a specified number of selections. For more information go to point 7.5 of our rules.

Format (installments)
The way the fee is reflected. In Spain we mostly use the decimal format, but there is also the fractional and American formats.

Decimal format
It is a numerical reflection of the potential win on the bet. Thus, a 1.80 odds reflects the potential net profit (0.80) per unit bet.

Fractional format
Common in countries like the UK.

American format
As its name suggests, it is often seen in North America. The most characteristic thing is that a negative or a positive quantity can be seen and with these two examples it will be clear to you what each case means.


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