Spanish LaLiga matchday 6: Sevilla - Real Madrid 0:1

The intensity, that which Zidane claimed in Paris, rescued the competitive Madrid that intends to fight for the titles. In the absence of football, and in a scenario of maximum demand, before the previous leader of the competition, it was imposed to leave the prelude to the crisis. A good goal from Benzema in the best Madrid collective action decided the match against a Sevilla that accused the European effort. LaLiga football predictions

LaLiga Sevilla vs Real Madrid

Few stadiums in the world generate an atmosphere as special and suffocating as the Pizjuán. Madrid knows from experience. There he has suffered defeats of all kinds, tight or incontestable, and the moment called for prudence. The jumble of Paris barely touched the alignment of Zidane (Ramos for Militao), but the team looked like another. Tight, the lines close together, more concerned with closing spaces than mastering the duel, waiting for the occasion to release the high pressure and do damage. A plan that bogged down Seville, as well armed as it was blunt in the last quarter of the field.

The first half slipped through close surveillance, heavy losses and few occasions. In fact, Sevilla, despite the breath of the stands, caused no more danger than a pair of balls hung by Navas, as expected. Not a shot on goal. Nothing to do with the previous year, yes. Mendy closed conscientiously. Instead, the return of Ramos returned air of strength to the team without the ball. With the ball, that's what you play, James said. He stole Felipe a golden ball that Benzema managed to place Hazard in front of the goal. He pulled Vaclik to one hand. The Czech goal became the protagonist shortly after measuring himself in another duel with Carvajal and coming out gracefully. Again James served half a goal, like the good midfielders. What Madrid needs.

He missed the vertigo sevillista in the bands, the one that killed the Madrid of Lopetegui. The now Spanish coach put the interiors, Ocampos and Mudo Vázquez, to open lanes to the sides, Navas and Reguilón. They arrived shortly. That's why the coach's first move was to put Óliver Torres in the game, shaking the midfield. Where the matches are won. ”The mental agility of Oliver seated the locals, who assumed command of the operations. They recovered the ball soon and in the opposite field, but nobody had clarity near the opposite area. Among other things for the solidarity effort of Madrid, with Hazard and Bale collaborating in defensive tasks. At that juncture, a false departure from Sevilla aborted by Varane originated the best play of the night. Opening to the right, temperate center of Carvajal from baseline and Benzema, who had barely participated, crowned the 0-1.

If until then Sevilla had been uncomfortable, the disadvantage multiplied the difficulties. Chicharito entered, who is expected to be present in the area, but did not find the track of the good services of Ocampos, the best in attack. To the shield of the spinal cord with Fede Valverde by Zidane, Lopetegui responded with Nolito by Carriço. That is, accumulate attackers at the cost of taking risks. The fact is that little happened in the areas, and with the minutes the European fatigue was more evident. Still, he took arrests to look for attacks and in a shot from Nolito cleared by Courtos scored Chicharito, clearly offside. It was the last scare of a solvent Madrid, able to get out of the crisis to position itself as a co-leader with Athletic. The price of greatness.

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