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Bet9ja sports betting website basic questions

bet9ja basic questions

How do I book an old bet 9ja?

Step1 Go to website bet9ja

Step2 DO NOT log into your account (If you already have one)

Step3 Make the selections you want to place a bet on

Step4 Click on the 'Bet' button

Step5 Print or Send the booked bet to your email address

Step6 Visit any bet9ja shop

Step7 Show your booked bet confirmation (Print out or email)

Step8 Make the payment and the bet will be placed by the cashier

How can I bet my bet9ja old mobile?

Step 1: You must be logged out of your Bet9ja account to Book a bet. Click the menu icon on the bottom left of the bar from the homepage and then select the ‘Book a Bet’ icon in Quicklinks

Step 2: Follow the instructions by reading the ‘How to ‘Book a bet’ section. If you want to load selections for a Book a bet code you know just type it into the ‘Booking code’ area below and type load.

*Please Note: Betting odds may change and bets will be placed using the odds that are correct when payment is made

How can I bet 9ja?

Do you like sports? Are you a gambler? Do you want to combine your two passions in life and make money out of it? Then check out this article where we tell you how to play bet9ja and give you some practical pointers on how to win. Do not miss out on this helpful guide!
How to play bet9ja online To play bet9ja online, you need to have an account. In order to get one, go to bet9ja.com, click Register in the top right corner, fill in the registration form, and click Proceed. After a few moments, you will receive a confirmation letter in your e-mail, which will allow you to log in to the website. Use your login and password to log in and start playing!

How to play bet9ja online To play bet9ja online, you need to have an account. In order to get one, go to bet9ja.com, click Register in the top right corner, fill in the registration form, and click Proceed. After a few moments, you will receive a confirmation letter in your e-mail, which will allow you to log in to the website. Use your login and password to log in and start playing! There are three main ways for how to place a bet on bet9ja. Here is the simplest method.
Choose your sport from the menu on the left. Choose your tournament(s) and click View. Select the events you want to bet on and choose your odds. Your choices will be automatically added to your betting slip. Fill in the Amount section, click Bet and then confirm your bet by clicking OK. If all goes well, you will see a confirmation message with your bet ID.

You can also use Event Name to place your bet. Here is how you do it: Find your desired event and click on it. Let’s say it is a match between Aston Villa and Chelsea. If you click on the name that says Aston Villa – Chelsea, you will see a new window open with all available markets for this event. If you need a hint on any of the available markets, just click on the 'i' button to read their descriptions. Then choose your desired odds to automatically add them to your coupon. Now, all that is left to do is fill in the Amount section and click Bet to confirm it.

The third option revolves around the Betting Market tabs. Here is how to get around it: Select your sport in the menu on the left, choose the tournament, and click view. At the top of the page, you will see various tabs that contain different markets. Go through the tabs and find the markets you want to bet on. After you have found your desired market, click on the odds of your choice to place a bet. Fill in the Amount section and confirm your bet by clicking Bet. But wait, there is more: There is one more way to play that we have not told you about and it involves booking a bet. For this method, you do not even have to register. Just chose what you want to place your bet on, click Bet and you will receive your booking number. You can either print it or send it to your e-mail.

How much does it cost to be a bet9ja agent?

Almost anyone can bet on losing or winning for certain teams. What if you could become not just a player, but the owner of a betting agency?
You can find a lot of betting agencies in Nigeria which share the similar purpose – make more money! Bet9ja is the most popular betting website among Nigerians, it provides fantastic opportunities for people to make money. One of the best advantages for Bet9ja is its data service protection. It means that the certificated encryption can perfectly protect you and your users from any hacker attack. Therefore, your customers will understand that you are a legitimate agent of one of the biggest betting companies. It`s a win-win situation for you and your clients!

If you want to become an agent of Bet9ja, you will need the following items: The documents that you submit to the firm – will need to be verified You will get to have personal conversations with staff and administration When everything is done right, you will wait for the approval of registration If you are approved, you will sign a contract with Bet9ja; The specialists will help you prepare the Bet9ja outlet Your business begins. The specialists of Bet9ja will ask you a lot of questions regarding their business model. Therefore, you must be prepared. Also, note that all Bet9ja partners should follow the next requirements to stay in the business: Create a friendly atmosphere Study the main structure of business of Bet9ja Love sport Create a modern and comfortable place for betting Be interested in the success of the agency Be self-motivated and hardworking Inspire your staff for development.

How do I check my bet slip on bet9ja?

Bet9ja prediction Almost right after you place your bet and Bet9ja – you start to check the monitor for the best deal on the market! You start looking for your game and wondering if you win. Sometimes it's hard to find out if you win or not. You may not have the cable TV, or your internet connection is low, so you can't check if you win or not!
When you are unable to confirm if you win or not in the game – you can always go to the Bet9ja prediction website to scan Bet9ja bet slip. Check this easy guide to know how to do that!
How to check Bet9ja bet slip? First thing to you need to do is to visit Bet9ja website On the website homepage, you will find a small header titled “Coupon Check.” You will have to check the top right corner of the screen to find it! You will need to copy and paste your bet slip ID into the provided box, and that's all!

If you need to check Bet9ja bet slip on your mobile device, you will need to follow this simple procedure: Log to the mobile version of Bet9ja! After that, you will click on the check option In the provided box – enter your Bet9ja betslip ID! That's how you can check the slip on the mobile device!

That's all that you need to know about betslip ID for Bet9ja! Both methods of checking are almost the same! You just need to enter the official website and then enter your betslip ID. If you do everything right, you get the results about your winning bet instantly!
Do not miss your opportunity to play and win with Bet9ja! It's your chance to become rich in the new year! Do not lose it and start betting today!

How can I check my bet9ja bet code?

The need to check a betslip or coupon cannot be overemphasized. After placing your bets on Bet9ja, you sometimes have the need to share your games with friends, either so they can also play the bet, or just to monitor and see how the bet plays out.
After placing your bet, you’ll notice an alpha-numeric code of this nature “B988CQTQSETCP-562355”. This is called a Betslip ID.
Highlight it and copy, or write it down.
On the Main Menu, navigate to “coupon” and click.
insert the Betslip ID you copied, pasting or filling it.

click “Check”
Vuala! Your Betslip is displayed.
visit Here on your system browser.

On the right-hand side of the page, as shown in the picture, you’ll see an “insert coupon“
Insert the betslip ID you copied, and click on “check”

Vuala! Your betslip is displayed.

How can I put my bet9ja bet code?

The site Bet9ja is prediction site and one of the leaders in the market offering bets in sports and other games. Anyone who uses Bet9ja booking number service would need to check it afterwards. If you're not sure of how to do this, just keep reading.
How can you check your Bet9ja booking number? Where should you search for the best Bet9ja booking numbers that could possibly win and make you the next Nigerian millionaire? Can you use the prediction site or is it not such a good idea? All the answers you will find out in our post. Bet9ja booking and checking at booking shop There is no need to register the website if you want to book your bet. It is quick and easy to do online and then to complete at the store: Visit the official Bet9ja site at www.bet9ja.com and don’t get into your personal account if you have one. Stay logged out and place your bet by choosing the number you like and pressing on ‘Bet’ option. You have two options: email yourself your booked bet or print it to check it later on. Go to the Bet9ja shop and show your booked bet on a mobile device or paper. The cashier will place your bet after you pay for it.
If you want to know whether you have won anything you also can simply go to the Bet9ja shop and ask the cashier to check it for you. If you don't want to go anywhere you can perform your check easily online.
Checking your Bet9ja booking number online You can also look up your Bet9ja booking number yourself (also remember to follow the sports event on TV or over the Internet to monitor the results after you have placed your bet). The process of checking of Bet9ja booking numbers is just as easy to do as reserving your bet. Here is what you should do to check this number online: You can visit bet9ja webpage. Look at the right panel. It has different options. There is no need to log in.

Find the ‘Insert Booking Number’ field under the big yellow ‘Register Now’ option. Enter your Bet9ja booking number in the field. Click on ‘Load’ and you’ll see the information you were looking for.
You can also get the details on your email since the bet book can be sent to your email during the booking process or on paper (if you choose to print this number instead of emailing it).
Since the site states that you can win up to twenty million Naira, you should rely on your fate and luck. You can surely learn all the rules and major booking codes and numbers. Of course, no one can ever guarantee that you will find the winning booking codes. But if you understand what each code means you can raise your chances to win enough money.

How do I know if I win on bet9ja?

Are you among the lucky bet9ja winners or you still don’t know the answer to this question? Let us explain to you how to check winning ticket on bet9ja, and you will at once know whether you are among the luckiest people in Nigeria or not at this time. Let us also talk about bet9ja prediction tickets and several methods of checking your luck.
Sports betting is very popular all over the world, including Nigeria. No wonder many citizens who enjoy watching football matches and other sports competitions on TV also like to test their personal bet9ja prediction capabilities and place bets in hopes to get the winning ticket. bet9ja winners can only figure out if their bet is a lucky one by following our guides on how to check winning ticket on bet9ja website or using a different method. We are more than happy to share simple and quick instruction on how you can complete this simple task and make sure you are one of the winners who can cash the prize money and improve your financial situation.
Bet9ja winners: How to check your ticket online So, let us imagine that you have placed your bet9ja prediction and have a ticket now that you wish to check directly on your computer with internet connection. Here are the steps you need to follow to succeed: Step 1. You need bet9ja login, and it is possible to get into your account right on the official bet9ja website using your unique username and password (you have created them during registration before betting).
Step 2. Once you are in your online cabinet on the site, you should click on ‘Coupon Check’ option that is located on the website’s homepage
Step 3. What should you do know? Do you see the field where you can type in? Just enter the betslip ID (your coupon code) that you have received after placing your bet or simply copy/paste it if you have it already saved on your computer. Click the Enter button or press on the green arrow button to continue. Step 4. You will now see if you have bet9ja winning ticket or not.
How to check bet9ja prediction on mobile phone If your handset is connected to Wi-Fi network or mobile internet, you can quickly check if you are among the happy bet9ja winners from your phone. Here is how it works: Step 1. Instead of visiting the official desktop version of the site, you should go to the mobile version from your smartphone. Step 2. You cannot proceed without bet9ja login, so do this from your handset and get into your account. Step 3. There is the ‘Check’ button which you have to press on to continue. Step 4. Now you can enter the ID of your betslip to check it and choose ‘Check’ to confirm your decision. Step 5. The betslip will now be displayed, and you will know if you are the winner or not. P.S. You can also write down your bet numbers while placing it online or offline with bet9ja, and then simply watch your favourite sports game and monitor its results to understand if you are among the winners or not. This is just another method of checking how your bet9ja prediction went.

You have learned how to check your winning ticket on bet9ja. As you can see, it is extremely easy to do, and there is more than just one method of checking everything out, so you can now bet on sports in Nigeria and win big money that can be easily turned into cash.

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